7th Nemesis is a french band from the Paris area, born from the severance of Sarganas in December 2000.3 members of the band (Pascal : Guitar ; Mat : Bass &Sargon : Vocals) gathered with Alex of Inward Mind who handled the second Guitar & Andrew the drums.During the summer of 2001, Pascal leaves the band for personnal reasons and is replaced in September by Xavier, from Inward Mind too. Xavier & Alex already knowing each other quiet well, the cooperation was efficient and 10 songs were fastly made mixing every style of extreme metal with some influences of the progressif/psychedelic movement of the 70's. In april 2002, A 3 tracks promo Cd was recorded by Andrew, the drummer at the Hybreed's Studio and 600 copies were spread in the international underground for 1 year. After some great feedback, the bands signs a deal with Skull fucked in February 2003 for the release of a split Cd intitled "Chronicles of a sickness" with the austrian band Punishment. This split is by now avaible and contains 4 new songs, recorded & mixed by Andrew.In July 2003 Sargon decides to leave the band whose currently seeking his new vocalist to record the already composed 1st full lenght album for the beginning of 2004.

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